February 22, 2019 | Kendra Higgins

5 Essential WordPress Plugins We Use

There are 5 essential WordPress plugins you’ll find on almost every website we develop or manage. These core tools help with search engine rankings, optimization, speed and site security. The best part, every plugin is FREE with the option to upgrade for premium features. Whether you’re working with us, another agency, or on your own, we recommend adding these 5 WordPress plugins to your web development arsenal today!




The most common plugin you’ll find on every site we build is Yoast SEO. We implement it with some basic SEO work helping to define a keyword for each page we build, along with your site title, meta description and image tags. This plugin also generates your sitemap to submit to Google Search Console for easy indexing. If you’re looking to go Pro, Yoast also offers up an array of tools to expand your search engine optimization. With over 5 million active installs is easy to see why Yoast is a favored plugin amongst users worldwide.




Big imagery is captivating, but can also puts a load on site speed. The lossless compression from Smush helps keep your images clear, while reducing their file size. They also offer “bulk smush” so you can catch up on those years of blog posts. This plugin is easy to set and forget, so you can upload images and post new content while Smush does all the heavy lifting in the background. If you’re looking to save yourself some time or don’t have the editing software to optimize images yourself, this is the route to go!




Not the most enjoyable side of web development, but an important one is Redirection. A free easy to use plugin, Redirection helps manage your 301 redirects and keeps track of 404 errors. This plugin helps keep your site tidy, reducing errors and improving your overall ranking.





Often overlooked, caching can be a game changer in your site speed and conversion rates. As a user experience, conversion-focused web developer, we like using W3 Total Cache on websites of all sizes. As far as site performance, this free plugin also reduces page load time and supports browser caching for repeat page views. Compatible and lightweight, we highly recommend taking a look at this caching plugin!


Manage WP


With our ongoing support package, you’ll become well acquainted with Manage WP. Scaling any size business from an umbrella company managing multiple brand websites or a marketing department of one, you’re going to want to check this platform out. Manage WP safely performs backups your website, routine updates and monitors the health of your website all on one easy to use dashboard. It helps automate your workflow so you can rest easy knowing your site security is handled.