January 25, 2019 | Kendra Higgins

That Convert


Think back to your most recent online transaction, did you click a “Add to Cart” button? Or how about the new program you just signed up for – was there a “Try Today For Free” button you clicked?


Whatever the case may be, you probably had to click a call-to-action (CTA) to proceed, right? Most actions, whether it be subscribing, downloading, completing a transaction or simple navigating through the pages of a website are prompted by a CTA. 


Tired of using the same “Learn More” or “Buy Now” buttons? Get creative with your call-to-actions, by using persuasive language and a variety of actions to lure your users into deeper levels of engagement. To help you get started, we’ve put together 60 call-to-actions to use on your website. These are just the starting point, customize them to fit your brand, products or services and start converting vistors into leads today!


60 Call-To-Actions To Use On Your Website

Act Now
Add To Your Cart
Buy Now
Become A Member
Begin Today
Book An Appointment
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Click Here
Contact Us
Create An Account
Claim Yours
Donate Today
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Find Out More
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Get More Info
Get Results
Get Started
Get Your Free Report
Give Today
Give Us A Try
Go Premium
Grab This Deal
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Let’s Start
Order Now
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Request An Invite

Save Now
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