January 11, 2019 | Kendra Higgins

What is UX Design?

User Experience, commonly referred to as UX or UXD, has become a fast growing term across the design industry. You may have come across these terms yourself and questioned how it relates to your business.

Simply put, user experience is the experience a user has with your product, service or brand. Most companies want users to have a good experience, therefore, User Experience Design (UX) follows a process that looks at the practical and experiential aspects of interaction to create a valuable experience.

Art is aesthetically pleasing, Design solves problems – UX does both.


UX Design Is For The People


User experience takes an approach to design that reaches past your target audience into personas that help you better understand behavior, desires and motivations. UX designers advocate for the user, going beyond usability to find balance in places between desirable or accessible, credible or findable. Peter Morville’s UX Honeycomb best illustrates the facets of User Experience.

Through a process of researching, testing and refining, UX design takes the users needs into account at each stage of development. In return, it produces the best possible interaction consumers can have with your brand. This process helps to prioritize your development to better align with your business goals.

UX connects how something appears with how it works for the user. When done properly, it should dissolve into the product or service itself, not become a tangible side note.

How To Apply UX


UX is designing your day-to-day. From the coffee pot you use in the morning, to the smart phone glued to your hand throughout the day, each product and service is tailored towards your best interests. Kae Atelier best applies UX to your web development and marketing goals. How are you considering your users experience?